Fields of work

  • Commercial Law
  • Obligational Law
  • Real Estate Legal Help
  • Representation of intellectual property
  • Heridatory Law
  • Family Law
  • Labor Law
  • Taxation Law
  • Civil and criminal law
  • Economic offences and litigations

Commercial law

(formation of business companies, reformation of business companies, liquidation of business companies, legal representation in dealings with Business Registers Agency, participation in business deals and correspondence, representation of business in legal disputes).

Obligational law

Contract law (representation in negotiations, drafting all types of business contracts, as well as all types of contracts between private individuals),

Representation in proceedings compensation of all forms of damages, fulfillment, termination, nullity and / or of annulment of contracts, debt collection and others.

Real Estate Legal Help

Representation at all stages real estate transactions,

Representation of the investors and provision of legal services in all phases, from site preparation and construction to registration.

Representation in matters of intellectual property

Exercise and protection of copyright and industrial property rights.

Heridatory Law

(compiling of legacy contracts, compiling of lifelong care contracts, initiation of inheritance proceedings, representation in inheritance proceedings).

Family Law

(providing legal advice and representation in divorce disputes, disputes over division of property acquired during the marriage; providing legal advice and representation in alimony disputes, as well as in procedures related to entrusting children to care and nursing; representation in proceedings related to the deprivation of parental rights).

Labor Law

(providing legal advice on all matters in the field of labor relations and representation in labor disputes).

Taxation Law

(providing legal advice and representation in proceedings before the tax administration and courts).

Civil and criminal law

Representation as counsel in criminal cases of adult / juvenile persons,

Representation representation of aggrieved parties in the criminal cases of adult / juvenile persons.

Economic offences and litigations

Representation of legal persons in proceedings on economic offenses in misdemeanor proceedings.

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